Concussion Screening

Biodex MachineAlpine Physiotherapy provides concussion screening and fall risk assessment for athletes and seniors using the Biodex SD – the gold standard in balance assessment worldwide.

The Biodex SD Balance System is the only one of its kind outside Vancouver. It tests all three balance systems and compares these results to normal data for a person of the same age.

If a problem is found, the Biodex helps design a rehabilitation program to correct the areas that are not working properly. The machine can then be used to retest and ensure that the problem is fixed.

While there are many applications for the Biodex SD, we commonly use it for the following:

  • Screening for athletes pre-season
  • Concussion testing after injury
  • Fall risk assessment for people in danger of falls
  • Balance rehabilitation for lower limb injuries
  • Balance rehabilitation for joint replacement patients and amputees
  • Vertigo / Vestibular rehabilitation
  • Research

This piece of equipment is the ultimate way to measure a person’s balance, or lack thereof, and we are very fortunate to have this resource in Northern BC.