Reversing Diabetes?

Every week I see patients whose relatively simple injuries are complicated by diabetes. I see wounds that heal poorly and minor soft tissue damage that causes severe disability due to the effects of diabetes on the circulation, nervous tissue and connective tissue. In the past we have been taught that the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes […]

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How’s your Balance?

My question today relates to your physical abilities rather than your life in general – though  physical balance, or lack thereof, has a huge impact on our life. Balance is an integral part of movement and posture. Without it we can be dizzy, nauseous, have blurred vision, feel faint, be unsteady and even fall. Balance is […]

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Physiotherapy in a Nutshell

Are you curious about the benefits of Physiotherapy? What can Physiotherapy do for you? Just a short note to let you know that I will be answering Physiotherapy related questions in this blog. I will begin a series of blogs to answer common questions we, as Physiotherapists, receive each day from our patients and the […]

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