Reversing Diabetes?

Every week I see patients whose relatively simple injuries are complicated by diabetes. I see wounds that heal poorly and minor soft tissue damage that causes severe disability due to the effects of diabetes on the circulation, nervous tissue and connective tissue.

In the past we have been taught that the diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes means a lifetime of monitoring blood sugars and taking insulin. However, I recently came across the following presentation (posted in December, 2014) that would indicate otherwise:

The presentation is given by kidney expert Dr. Jason Fung. Although a longish scientific presentation, it is definitely worth a watch if you have diabetes, or are at risk of diabetes.

If we could eliminate diabetes it would make my job a lot easier … not to mention changing the lives of the 382 million people globally who have the disease (2013 – International Diabetes Association estimate).

Thanks for your time,

Graham Pollard - Physiotherapist